Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book Review - Etched . . . Upon My Heart

Some of you may recognize the name, Jim Kelly. He was a NFL Hall of Famer and the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. What you may not know is he and his wife Jill had a son who was diagnosed with a fatal disease called Krabbe Leukodystrophy when he was only an infant. Jill wrote this book, Etched . . . Upon My Heart and in it she shared her journey to discover what love is and Who it Is. I'm happy to share this book with you today.

Etched...Upon My Heart  
Author - Jill Kelly
Publisher - Faith Words

Favorite Features -
  • I especially love the "What to Remember and Never Forget . . . " section at the end of each chapter
  • I also really love the "Truths about Love to Etch Upon Your Heart" section at the end of each chapter where Jill shares Scripture about God's love!
  • A powerful reminder of the power words have - particularly on young children - and how those words can leave wounds which do not heal; apart from God's love!
  • Powerful message about how we are each fearfully and wonderfully made!
  • Jill shares how a performance-based understanding of God's love and forgiveness is deeply flawed because legalism is a lie and only God's grace and mercy brings real understanding of His love and forgiveness!
  • Love the honest challenge to see forgiveness - and life - through God's eyes!
  • Powerful chapter on forgiveness - love this quote "Once God's forgiveness begins to soften your raw and unrefined soul, causing you to see how much you've been forgiven, it changes you. It not only moves you to forgive, but creates a passion to do so. Because you are free!"
  • Love the challenge to give and to pray
  • LOVE the 12-stone challenge! What do your "stones" represent?
  • Love the 16 things Jill wants her daughter to know - they are important things for all of us to know
Powerful, emotional and moving doesn't even begin to describe this book in which Jill shares her own personal story and journey. Challenging and encouraging fall short, too; although this book is all these things. You will not be able to read this book with dry eyes. More importantly, you will not be able to read this book without it impacting your life. God will use it to speak to you and challenge you to live a faithful life where you are grounded in His love - with God's love etched upon your heart! Share this love with your family, the children in your ministry and with all who God brings your way!

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