Thursday, January 10, 2013

VBS 2013 -2013 Top Ten VBS Countdown - #7 - Investigation Destination - by Regular Baptist Press

The next VBS in my Top Ten Countdown for 2013 is Investigation Destination from Regular Baptist Press in 7th place! RBP did a great job with the content and substance of this VBS resource - if  you are not familiar with their materials and have never taken a close look at them in the past, this year is a great year to make a change and consider if Investigation Destination is a good "fit" for your children's ministry!

Investigation Destination
Regular Baptist Press
  1. Code Name: Worship - The King's Birth - Matthew 2 - Jesus is King and worthy of worship!
  2. Code Name: Power - The King's Power and Love - John 6, Mark 10 - Jesus is the King and His power and love are trustworthy!
  3. Code Name: Praise - The King's Triumphal Entry - Matthew 21 - Jesus is King and worthy of praise!
  4. Code Name: Love - The King's Death - John 18, 19 - Jesus is King and the Savior of those who believe in Him!
  5. Code Name: Alive! - The King's Resurrection and Return - John 20, Acts 1, Revelation 22 - Jesus is alive and will return someday for believers!
Setting – Spy/Secret Agent Command and Control Center
Message – "With Investigation Destination, students become secret agents sent out on important missions to discover clues about a special person, the King of Kings. Together you will investigate Scriptural eyewitness accounts of the King in action."
Focus – Evangelism, Bible content and Application

Strengths –
  • As I would expect, Investigation Destination has a strong evangelistic emphasis, solid Bible content, excellent mission project and great information on how to reach VBS families after VBS is over!
  • Last year RBP provided a creative engagement of the kids during the Bible lesson portion of each day’s lesson and this year the lessons are even better!
  • I’m very happy to see teachers and children reading from the Bible during the Bible lessons for the Middler and Junior ages!
  • The activities connect well and do a good job of reinforcing the daily point!
  • Strong, intentional focus on providing children the opportunity to make the decision to get saved in each day’s lesson.
  • Once again, I am so happy to see a science station included with each day’s lesson – I love the activities kids do before their lessons begin to help them focus on the point of the lesson!
  • I found the options for crafts to be varied, affordable and fun 
  • I still would like to see a bit more “pep” and possibly more original music – but you have the option to use music with a piano track or instrumental track again.
  • Love the puppet – Tracker the dog - as does my one-year old grandson! Tracker received a LOT of hugs and kisses from Caleb, so if he is any indication, children will LOVE him!
  • Great craft book with an abundance of affordable ideas - and last year I said I'd like to see self-adhesive foam pieces for the foam craft kits and this year some of the foam kits have this!
  • Very complete director’s book – especially appreciate the info on engaging children with special needs and the thorough way it covers screening volunteers and safety!
  • Last year I said I'd like to see music CD’s at a reduced price so children could have their own copy - this year they have them.
Would like to see –
  • Ideas to help kids serve in their own communities
  • I’d like to see a more intentional and stronger focus on specific things for kids to go and “do” before they return the next day to live what they learned.
  • Zipper tags or something kids could take home each day to remind them of the lesson they learned and what they are going to do to live it
  • Resources for churches which do not use the classroom model – Bible lessons in a book for a Bible lesson station and a station with object lessons/science projects/activities – this would provide more options and make the materials easier for churches to use.
  • More excitement in the opening and closing – this is a great place for object lessons/science projects and give you a big way to once again make your point before kids leave for the day.
With Investigation Destination, as Regular Baptist Press says, “students will be sent into the field to five locations around the globe where they’ll follow clues to the King of Kings! The Bible content is solid and I’m very happy to once again see an intentional focus on helping children who are already Christians learn how to live what they learn in their everyday lives! Overall, Investigation Destination is a great option for a VBS with a strong evangelism focus and solid Bible content or for a mission trip resource! Investigation Destination is absolutely worth taking a serious look at it to see if it is a good “fit” for your ministry!

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