Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book Review - Next Door Savior

I personally enjoy reading pretty much anything Max Lucado writes. I like the way he tells stories - they capture your attention and can be remembered and understood. I recently received the book Next Door Savior for review and am delighted for the opportunity to share it with you!

Next Door Savior: Near Enough to Touch, Strong Enough to Trust  
Author - Max Lucado
Publisher - Thomas Nelson

Favorite Features -
  • Challenges us to understand Who Jesus Is: "Don't we need a God-man Savior? A just-God Jesus could make us, but not understand us. A just-man Jesus could love us, but never save us. But a God-man Jesus? Near enough to touch Strong enough to trust. Do you journey to the Grand Canyon for a souvenir T-shirt. No. The reward of the Grand Canyon is the Grand Canyon. The Cache of Christianity is Christ. Fellowship with Him. Walking with Him. The heart-stopping realization that He Who can dig the Grand Canyon with His pinkie thinks you are worth His death on a Roman timber. Christ is the Reward of Christianity." 
  • Calls upon us to make a choice: "When it comes to Christ, you gotta pick. Call Him crazy, or crown Him as King. Dismiss Him as a fraud, or declare Him to be God. Walk away from Him, or bow before Him, but don't play games with Him. Don't call Him a great man. Don't list Him among decent folk. Don't clump Him with Moses, Elijah, Buddha, Joseph Smith, Muhammad or Confucius. He didn't leave that option. He is either God or godless. Heaven sent or hell born. All hope or all hype. But nothing in between."
  • Encourages us with: "Satan is to God what a mosquito is to an atomic bomb." and "The stumbles of a toddler do not invalidate his birth. The stumbles of a Christian do not annul his spiritual birth."
  • I am happy to once again see the discussion guide in the back - read this book with someone you know and be sure to talk about what you read!
It can be oh, so easy, too easy, to think of Jesus as Someone Who is far away, but the truth is, He is "next door"! He is actually with us and in us! This book will challenge and encourage you with the truth about Jesus: "He is near enough to touch, strong enough to trust"! I love how it encourages us with; "Religious rule keeping can sap your strength It's endless. No prison is as endless as the prison of perfection. Her inmates find work, but never peace. How could they? They never know when they are finished. Christ, however; gifts you with a finished work. Bid farewell to the burden of religion. 'He Who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus'. (Philippians 1:6)"    

Next Door Savior will challenge and encourage you, but it will also delight you with the truth of Who Jesus is and how you can really know - and trust Him! This will change how you see, and live, your everyday life! Read it and pass it on to people you know and love!

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