Sunday, February 3, 2013

Put Feet to Their Faith - Amazima Ministries

Back in December I reviewed a bookKisses from Katie. This book is the story of Katie Davis and how she, took "Jesus at His word and truly valued what and who He values." Katie, moved to Uganda, Africa, and cared for children. She washed and cared for their physical wounds and cared for their emotional and spiritual wounds by giving her all to love them with the love of Jesus. To say her story is "challenging" doesn't even come close. Katie ended up adopting 14 girls and literally caring for - feeding, clothing and providing medical care and an education for hundreds of children. She says she can't change a country, but she can be used of Jesus to change the lives of some children who can go on to change their country!

I contacted Amazima Ministries about being my "Put Feet to Their Faith" ministry for February and they told me, "The greatest ongoing need we have is our Masese Feeding Program.  We can provide a meal for about 17 cents, but this quickly adds up! You all can help meet one of the most basic needs in the life of a vulnerable child by providing lunch every day, Monday through Friday, for an entire year, for only $42!!!  We'd love to invite you to join with Amazima as we feed over 1200 children a nutritious lunch of beans and posho every weekday in the slum community of Masese III. Partnering with a school in Masese for the use of their kitchen, these children know they can now come daily and they will be fed." 

This is a great project for you to use to "put feet to their faith" and involve the children in your ministry by working together to raise the money to feed children in Uganda. Talk with the children, parents and volunteers and set a goal for how many children you want to be able to feed for a year, then plan some special fund raisers to raise the money for this project. You will find information about how you can help at this link.

What better way to start 2013 and show love than to help the children in your ministry consider what they can do to care for the people Jesus loves; no matter how "unimportant" they may seem. As you work together on a project to help Katie feed hungry children the children in your ministry will also be the hands and feet of Jesus to the children and adults in Uganda, Africa! Challenge the children in your ministry to do this as well where they live; when there is a child at school who the others do not include, help them see they can be people who care for and love them the way Jesus does! While they may not end up moving to Africa, they can still be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever they are - and so can you!

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