Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's Day Craft - "God's Conversation Hearts"!

Gods Conversation Hearts Favor Idea  / Church Valentine craft!I was looking on Pinterest for Valentine's Day craft ideas and found one I didn't expect . . .   God's Conversation Hearts. I love the idea of taking the opportunity Valentine's Day gives to focus, not just on "love", but on the most amazing love ever . . . God's love for us!

All you need is conversation hearts, plastic wrap, ribbon and print out a tag which says - 

  God's Conversation Hearts
Be Mine - John 3:16
All Mine - John 10:27-30
True Love - Jeremiah 31:3
Love Me - Luke 10:27
I'm Sure - John 14:1-3
Sweet Talk - Psalm 119:103
Be Good - John 14:15
Fax Me - Jeremiah 33:3

Fix a bag of hearts for each of the children in your class and spend some time looking up the Bible verses together!