Thursday, March 28, 2013

May = Volunteer Recruiting!

I'm a huge fan of focusing your church for the entire month of May on the many opportunities to serve in the children's ministry! All of April I will be talking about planning a month to recruit and then provide a number of recruiting plans complete with themes and ideas for making a recruiting video. I hope you choose one of these to use - or develop your own for a month of recruiting! By recruiting in the month of May for your children's ministry you are able to reap the following benefits -
  • focus the attention of the people in your church on the value of the children's ministry!
  • identify and screen your volunteers before the business and hit-and-miss of the Summer!
  • plan to train your volunteers in the Summer so everyone is ready to go when the Fall arrives!
  • make use of the Summer to find volunteers to fill any positions remaining open at the end of May.
There is no shortage of positions to fill in the children's ministry, so tomorrow let's take a moment to consider the needs of your nursery.

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