Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Recruiting and Bible Reviews - April will be Busy . . . & Fun!

April is just a few days away . . . since February and March have been so cold and blustery . . . at least if you live in Michigan . . . I, for one, am looking forward to April and warmer, bright, cheerful and exciting days! 

So with warmer and more cheerful days in view, it is only natural to focus on things which are bright, cheerful and exciting! What could be more bright, cheerful and 
exciting than recruiting and reading God's Word? I'm sure it isn't difficult at all for you to agree with me on this in regards to reading God's Word. A couple days ago I posted a review - and give-away - for The Action Bible and throughout April I will be posting more Bible reviews . . . and give-aways!

When it comes to recruiting I fully realize you may think I'm completely crazy for thinking of it as "bright, cheerful and exciting", but join me throughout the month of April and see if your perspective of recruiting doesn't begin to change a bit! You may not join me in seeing recruiting as "bright, cheerful and exciting", but you may at least begin to see it as less of a drudgery and something to be dreaded and more of something which has great potential and is even a bit "fun"!

Yes, April will be busy . . . and fun for sure!

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