Friday, March 22, 2013

Resurrection Sunday Craft - Paid in Full!

Coin-Covered Cross - Paid In Full {Easter Craft} - Mom On TimeoutBelieve it or not, Resurrection Sunday is just one week away! So, if you are looking for a special craft you could make with the children in your class to help them understand why Jesus came and what He did on the cross, take a look at this idea I found on Pinterest.

Just follow this link and you'll find the directions for making a cross covered in coins to help children understand how Jesus paid our debt in full! The directions call for wooden crosses which you cover - and I think this is a great idea! I think you could also cover a cardboard cross, or just make a cross using the coins - and make a framed picture which could be hung on their wall in their room which says, "Paid in Full!" you could even add their photo and put a verse; such as John 3:16 on it as well.

What might you do with this idea?

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