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Safe Nurseries + Safe Equipment = Welcoming & Effective Ministry - Furnishings and Equipment!

I have been talking about being absolutely certain the furnishings, equipment and toys in your nursery are safe and provided websites where you can actually check to see if there are any re-calls or safety alerts for the items in your nursery. Today we will spend some time looking at specific furnishings and equipment items I've reviewed which you may want to add to your nursery. I had parents and nurseries from Northside Community Church, Nursery Director Jennifer Smith - help me review items for use in the nursery and will include their feedback as to what they really liked and found most helpful/useful! Let’s take a look at what types of furniture and equipment are appropriate for our nurseries, but before we do, I want to remind you about my give-away of the Cuisinart Baby Bottle Warmer (see the details at this link) and I want to let you know about a special baby bounce I reviewed as well.

The Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper is an excellent piece of equipment for any nursery! For little babies, you can use this as a gentle rocker for babies which are sleeping. As babies grow, you can use this as a bouncer seat. Babies will love playing with the electronic toy which comes with this rocker/napper! Plus, if you have a baby who suffers from reflux - as many babies do - this is a Must-have piece of equipment for your nursery as you can set it to it's "middle" position which places baby at the proper angle to reduce reflux and help baby be calmer and happier! Tiny Love has absolutely paid attention not only to design and style, but safety, fuction and quality. Definitely take a look at the Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper; it is one piece of equipment you - and your nursery workers - will be so glad you have!

Changing tables are an important piece of furniture in a nursery, but stability and durability are two very important considerations. Ask a builder in your church to build a sturdy cabinet for your changing station and top with a soft changing pad. Look for changing pads with washable surfaces, either vinyl or fabric and be sure they have safety straps to help keep baby in place throughout the changing. Huggies Disposable Changing Pads are must-haves for the nursery as they provide clean, dry, sanitary surfaces for each baby during diaper changes. Be sure your volunteers know to never leave a baby unattended on a changing table.

The First Years - Clean Air Diaper Disposal SystemDiaper Genie II Elite Pail SystemMost nurseries today appreciate diaper containers like the Playtex Diaper Genie and the First Year’s Clean Air Odor-Free Diaper Disposal. My reviewers liked how they could use standard kitchen trash bags in the Clean Air system and appreciated the one hand operation these systems provide – once workers understood how to make them work; they considered them a must-have in the nursery! Look for diaper containers children can not get into and clean them each week with a bleach/water solution.

Chicco Lullaby LX Playard, AdventureDo you really need full-size cribs? How often do you use them? Cribs take up play space you could use if you do not have babies needing cribs. My reviewers found bassinet/playards from Chicco, Evenflo, Combi and Safety 1st to be excellent options as they open in minutes providing cribs when needed and fold up compactly to store out of the way when not needed! Bassinet/playards are functional, easy to clean, attractive, portable and since they are large enough for a 30lb child they are well worth considering! Be sure the changing table component does not have any straps hanging into the play/sleeping portion!

Munchkin Blueberry Jelly Bean Sling - LSnugli Comfort Vent Soft Carrier, Gray/ArubaOne more staple for nurseries you may not have though about are baby packs/slings. We reviewed Snugli Removable Sling/PackPlaytex Hip Hammock, Munchkin Jellybean Sling and the Kolcraft Jeep Baby Carrier. Our reviewers found these allow workers to hold a baby needing to be held while freeing their hands to help with other children! Include these in your laundry for clean carriers each week! Be sure workers know how to keep baby securely fastened in holders.

Combi Pod Bouncer, JadeSwings and bouncers provide support and a safe place for tiny babies to relax. Bouncers allow you to keep babies in your sight, but not necessarily in your arms! We reviewed the Combi Pod BouncerFisher Price Baby Papasan and Summer Infant Deluxe Soft Embrace Comfort Bouncer and found they accommodate children from birth to 25lbs. Seat covers are machine washable and have adjustable safety harnesses. Our reviewing churches found the vibrating features calm fussy babies and the portable size allows them to be moved around the nursery as needed. Always use the safety harness when a baby is in a bouncer!

Cosco Beginnings Gentle Motion Swing Circle SafariWe reviewed swings from Fisher PriceEvenflo and Cosco and found the swings soothed babies who didn’t want to be held and were a good alternative for babies who want to be rocked to sleep on weeks when the nursery is full! Always use safety harnesses when a baby is in a swing and remember, swings and bouncers do not substitute for adult supervision! Be sure your volunteers stay near to keep a watchful eye on babies at all times!

Evenflo Farmyard Mega ExerSaucerPlay stations for older babies are an excellent addition to the nursery! Evenflo’s ExersaucerBright Starts Baby’s Playplace and Around We Go Activity Station provide easy to clean adaptable play environments with music, colors and activities! Our reviewing parents and nurseries loved these play stations and found them easy to clean, entertaining and educational! Always provide adult supervision when a child is in a play-station!

Summer Infant Secure Sounds 2.4 Ghz Digital MonitorBaby monitors allow workers to keep close tabs on children in a separate room – a must have for church nurseries! We reviewed the Summer Infant Secure Sounds digital monitor and Philips Avent DETC digital monitor.

Avent iQ 24 Electronic Steam SterilizerChildren often drop pacifiers, bottles and sippy cups. A countertop electronic sterilizer allows you to quickly and safely sterilize these items before returning them back to children! Bottle warmers allow you to safely warm bottles with no hot spots! We reviewed Philips iQ Electronic Sterilizer, the Cuisinart Baby Bottle Warmer and the First Years Night & Day Bottle Warmer. Always keep out of children’s reach and only allow adults to use these.

KidCo Extra Tall Center GatewayDepending on the layout of your nursery, safety gates are important pieces of equipment. We reviewed the First Year’s Simple & Secure stair gate and KidCo’s Center Gateway. Easy for adults to open, young children will not be able to open these gates providing a level of security and safety in your nursery!

Home Safety Universal Outlet Cover in White (Set of 3)Be sure to stop and consider safety items such as corner protectors, magnet locks and universal outlet covers. I particularly like the safety items from KidCo – soft rubber protectors and outlet covers, rather than plugs. KidCo’s magnet locks will not be opened by children and make great additions to nursery cabinets!

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