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VBS 2013 - Gotta Move from Go Fish!

I want to share with you the new VBS from  Go Fish - Gotta Move. This VBS will challenge children to "Move" and help them understand God's great offer of forgiveness! It is my Top Pick for Music for VBS 2013!

Gotta Move VBS kit
Go Fish Guys

  1. His Grace, Our Obedience - Genesis 6 &7 - God created us to be near to Him.  Children will see the difference in how God made man compared to every other living thing in creation. They will also look at the story of Noah in a new way and see how he walked with God even though no one else in his generation did.  Children will learn we are only able to be close to God through His grace and the favor He gives us.  Our response should be to walk in obedience.
  2. His Word Our Commitment - Joshua 1 & 3 - On this day children will see how God showed the world His mighty power through the Israelites.  Even though they were a special group of people chosen by God, He expected them to show their commitment to Him and His Word.  Just as the Israelites were responsible to take the Word of God with them to the Promised Land, we as Christians should be committed to knowing Scripture so we have it with us wherever we go.
  3. His Son, Our Response - John 1 - God had provided the perfect place for Adam.  During the time of Noah, He washed away all of the sin outside of the ark.  He provided the Israelites with His Holy Word and great men of faith to lead them.  However none of these things could eliminate the power of sin.  It was only through the sacrifice of God’s Son we could be saved from the penalty of sin forever!  Jesus gave glory and honor to God through His life, death and resurrection.  Children will learn by walking with Jesus, they too can bring glory and honor to God.
  4. His Forgiveness, Our Repentance - Luke 15:11-32 - God is faithful to forgive our sins when we come to Him in repentance.  By studying the parable of the lost son, children will see the similarities between themselves and the prodigal son.  They will review the seriousness of sin, how it hurts God, and will learn about living in the freedom and joy of forgiveness.
  5. His Spirit, Our Trust - John 14 - God has given the Holy Spirit to those who trust in Him.  Children will hear what Scripture says about the power and promise of the Holy Spirit living in them.  As they learn the fruits of the Spirit they will learn what it means to allow the Spirit to produce fruit in their lives. The gospel will be clearly presented on this most important day.
Setting – a urban scene with a focus on music, double dutch jump roping, learning the Fruit of the Spirit and sharing God with others.
Message – As Go Fish says, “Gotta Move! is a Vacation Bible School curriculum designed to give children a biblical understanding of what it means to be a Christian and walk with God.
Focus - Evangelism and Bible Content

Strengths –
  • As I would expect, Go Fish Gotta Move has strong Bible content and an intentional focus on evangelism
  • I appreciate how each lesson focuses kids on taking action
  • I love how children are directed to the Bible to find the answers during the      Bible lesson – not only do they tell children the Bible has the answers, but they model looking in the Bible to find the answers!
  • My Top Pick for VBS Music 2013 – the songs are incredible! These songs focus on the message of the VBS - being fruitful and moving! If you use this VBS, your kids – and volunteers – will absolutely LOVE the music – if you do not use this VBS, be sure to get the music and then use it in your children’s ministry!
  • I sincerely appreciate the excellent information to help you include children with special needs in your vbs and the “special needs suggestions” for each Bible lesson
  • Excellent missions project/station – very focused and well developed
  • Love the unique Double-Dutch feature  -  kids will LOVE this - also makes it a great way to get the attention of community kids if you go into a park or other area where kids spend time and just play the music and do some double dutch! Great way to get your youth group involved!
  • Reproducible resources make this a very affordable option for churches
  • I am glad to see CDs available at only $4.95 each! This is a great way to help kids continue to sing the songs and remember what they learned – better than a small toy they will likely lose!
Would like to see –
  • A clear emphasis on a daily “live-it” activity and time the following day for      children to share what they did as well as how it impacted their life to live what they learned!
  • More engagement of the kids during the Bible lesson; I’d still like to see lessons which involve the kids beyond reading verses and answering questions – maybe with dramas which engage the kids and involve them in the telling of the lesson
  • The lessons focus strongly on teaching the Bible, but they do not help children understand how to live what they are learning beyond making the decision to follow Jesus - this they do very well. I'd really like to see a stronger focus on application and again, on living what they learn.
  • Opening and closing have high energy, but I’d love to see a object lesson added to the close which again focuses on the point for the day and engages the kids 
  • Opportunities for kids to be involved serving their local communities – maybe add a local service component in the missions or craft station. In particular with this VBS's focus on "moving" it seems a local service project would have been a great "fit". I'd definitely add this in if I used this VBS.
  • Safety information in the director’s book  - covering screening volunteers and making the facilities safe
  • Information to help with volunteer training – and making sure your volunteers know how to lead a child to Christ
Go Fish says Gotta Move's goal is: “Through each lesson children will see God provides everything we need to be close to Him. However, He does require a response - having faith means we Gotta Move! ” Each day in Gotta Move kids will focus on what God has done and their response! I love the evangelism focus and focus on the Bible - if you are looking for a resource to use for evangelism outreach, definitely take a good look at Gotta Move. Excellent mission project where Bible verses are translated into a new language!  Gotta Move would be a great option for VBS, Summer Sundays or as a resource especially for an outreach in the park or a community center! 

I'm delighted to say, I will be letting you know about a Go Fish Gotta Move give-away . . . stay tuned!

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  1. Thank you so much for your review of Gotta Move. We have ordered the program. I am so tired of teaching VBS curriculum that is incredibly watered down. VBS is VBS, not day camp!!!!! Thank you again for your review.