Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why I LOVE Recruiting!!!!

Throughout the month of April I will be talking about recruiting. I love recruiting . . . really! What isn't there to love about it? Recruiting means helping others discover the joy of serving! Recruiting means you have the opportunity to get to know and serve other believers! Recruiting means you have a unique opportunity to share your children's  ministry with your entire church! Recruiting means you will be able to see the lives of more children and families touched through the ministry of your church! Like I said, what is't there to LOVE about recruiting!

I understand how recruiting could be overwhelming and feel like a never-ending problem, but if we change the way we look at recruiting and understand nobody cares more than God does if we have all the volunteers we need, we can have an entirely new out-look on recruiting!

Please plan to join me all of April as I talk about recruiting and share several complete recruiting plans which can help you discover how recruiting can be something you love, too!

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