Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bibles for Children - Pray & Play Bibles from Group

Pray & Play Bible for Young ChildrenIf you are looking for a Bible storybook which you can use with the children in your preschool children's ministry, take a good look at the Pray & Play Bibles from Group Publishing.

Pray & Play Bible for Young Children 
Pray & Play Bible for Young Children 2 
Publisher - Group Publishing
Ages 2 - 5
Pray & Play Bible 2

Favorite Features -
  • 14 favorite Bible stories in each book
  • large size - perfect for using in a classroom with little ones
  • full-color artwork throughout - big, beautiful illustrations!
  • each Bible story includes three pages of activities to reinforce the lesson with songs, crafts, games, service projects, snacks and prayers
As Group says, Pray & Play Bible for Young children has, "Bible stories which spring to life with beautiful...easy, child-friendly language...and fun play designed to help children enjoy and remember the Bible stories. Pray & Play Bible for Young Children is perfect for parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, and others who want children to remember God's Word! The child-friendly language makes it perfect for your church nursery and preschool classes. Children will experience and remember each important Bible story!"

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