Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bibles for Children - The Story Bible!

The Story BibleIf you are looking for a Bible Storybook with realistic, colorful illustrations; one you could use for family devotions with little ones, take a look at The Story Bible from Concordia.

The Story Bible 
Editors - Edward A. Englebrecht and Gail Pawlitz
Illustrators - Robert Barrett, Robert Papp, Corbert Gauthier, Cheri Bladholm, Greg Copeland, Phil Howe, Francis Phillipps, Robert Hunt, Donald Kueker, Kevin McCain and Chris Ellison
Bible Version - the English Standard Version
Publisher - Concordia Publishing House
Ages 2-10

Favorite Features -
  • info on "Reading the Bible with Children" - excellent!
  • includes development and interests for each age level and reading strategies - excellent!
  • incredible, colorful illustrations
  • 130 Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments
  • Ask, Do and Pray focus for each Bible lesson
I really like the "introduction" for this Bible Storybook - "The Bible tells many stories. Some stories are happy.Some are sad. Some will surprise you. A few stories are scary. But all the stories are from God. God's stories show what is good and what is bad. But best of all, they show us . . . the love of Jesus, our Savior. The Bible is all about Jesus and you. This Story Bible will show you how and why this is true." (This Bible Storybook does tend to emphasize baptism for salvation, so while some churches/parents will be fine with this, others will not be.)


  1. During Jr. Church, the kids seem to really like looking at the pictures. It probably helps them connect the story to their thoughts instead of just hearing the words and trying to think of what it was like. Thanks for suggesting this bible!

    1. You are most sincerely welcome - the art in this story bible is beautiful! Thank you for reading About the Children's Department!:-)