Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Don't Miss Out on the Blessings!

As I said in my last post; "EVERYONE who believes is part of the body and has something to offer." I wrote about the people who you might "pass over" in your mind as you think about who to recruit for your children's ministry, so now I want to consider a few of the blessings from involving people who have extra challenges . . . 

  • When you do this you truly model to the children and families in your ministry we are all part of the body and we all have something we can do to serve God!
  • When you do this you open the door to allow everyone to use their gifts and experience the joy of serving!
  • When you do this you allow children to interact in truly meaningful ways with people who they otherwise might not know or only see from a distance!
There are many more blessings from involving everyone so as you look at the openings in your ministry, pause to consider if there is someone in your church  who you have "passed over" before; someone who may have a lot to offer if given the opportunity to do so!

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