Monday, April 8, 2013

Let's Plan a Volunteer Recruitment Month! - "Tell Me Again" Theme!

I've been focusing on developing a theme for a month of recruiting for Fall ministries. Now is the time to determine your theme, develop your plan to intentionally engage the people in your church throughout the month of May and present to them the opportunity of serving in your children's ministry! 

You'll find another recruiting theme at the following link - this one is built around the song from Geoff Moore and the Distance, Tell Me Again. I realize the songs I'm choosing for these themes are older songs, but they are excellent options for a recruiting theme due to their strong messages. Get a copy and listen to it, look at the lyrics and determine if one of them might be a good "fit" for your recruiting month! (This video on this link is a bit long with the inserts of the children telling the Bible stories, but it does show you the song)

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