Thursday, April 18, 2013

Touch Bases on Planning Your Volunteer Recruiting Month!

I've been talking about planning a month to focus on challenging your church to think about becoming involved as volunteers in your children's ministry. In addition, I've given you eight complete plans to help you plan an entire month of recruiting - each one built around a specific theme and song -
  1. "Finest Hour"
  2. "For Such a Time as This" 
  3. "Tell Me Again"
  4. "Lifesong" 
  5. "Hand in Hand"
  6. "For Future Generations"
  7. "Glorious Day"
  8. "Meant to Be"
So . . . if you are planning to focus the month of May on recruiting for your Fall Ministry Team, look over each of these theme/plans and choose one for your recruiting month theme. Then consider the following ideas for implementing your plan to focus on serving with the children's ministry!

  • Share your theme with your preaching staff - involve them in holding serving in the children's ministry before the people of your church and speaking to the value of the children's ministry
  • Gather your video footage and still shots - try to get as many from throughout the year as possible
  • Find a team of tech people who will be able to edit your video and match it to the theme song
  • Find someone to sing your song while the video plays - consider involving your praise team for this song
  • Make your flyers and posters for your "teasers" and plan to hang them around your church in the weeks leading up to your recruiting month
  • Plan each week of your recruiting month and gather any supplies you need
  • Check VolunteerSpot and determine how it can help you with your recruiting needs
  • Pray. Pray. Pray!
And most importantly - pray! Involve people in praying for and with you and then know the "Lord of the Harvest" will send the "workers" you need!

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