Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Curriculum Reviews - Best Buys - KidTrek!

As we look at the "Best Buys" for curriculum, once again I'm delighted to share with you a curriculum, written by Wanda Parker. KidTrek - Sunday Plus is a best buy for the following reasons - 
  1. Churches pay whatever they feel led to pay.
  2. Churches utilizing KidTrek are able to make as many copies as they like for use in their ministry.
  3. Kid Trek includes materials for children's church, mid-week and classes for the parents as well!
Allow me to share with you some information about KidTrek - Sunday Plus!
  • Publisher - KidTrek 
  • Website - http://www.kidtrek-sundayplus.org/curriculum/ 
  • Price - churches pay as led
  • Type - Large Group/Small Group 
  • Scope - Through the Bible Four Year Scope
  • Available for Preschool through Elementary age children
Strengths -
  • Biblically Sound
  • Unified Scope and Sequence
  • Strong Bible content
  • Entirely downloadable and reproducible  
  • Includes a Worship Service, mid-week lesson, Shema Focus lesson for parents and Family Discipleship flyers with the Sunday school material.
  • Activities throughout include intentional questions to "debrief" and help children remember and understand so they will be able to live what they learn. 
  • "Chat 'N Chew" small group time gets children into their Bibles and engages them in conversation designed to help them understand and live what they learned.
  • Worship Service begins with asking children about their best and worst moments from the previous week and what they could have done to make those moments turn out differently.
  • Strong focus on engaging adults so they intentionally disciple children.
  • Strong repetition all week as each opportunity continues to build on the point of the lesson.
  • Wanda encourages churches to adapt this curriculum to best fit the needs of your unique ministry.
  • Teacher training available to fully train volunteers so they know how to best utilize curriculum
Would like to see - 
  • Quarterly service projects to "Put Feet to Their Faith" 
  • An opportunity for volunteers to pray Scripture to bless each child.
  • More engagement of the children in the teaching of the Bible lesson - some of the lessons do an amazing job of engaging the children during the Bible lesson while others have the children listen to an adult - I'd like to see less listening and more engagement on all lessons - but the lessons where they are engaged they are engaged with great creativity! 
KidTrek - Sunday Plus curriculum is a resource well worth looking into - it could be a great "fit" for your ministry! Wanda has developed this curriculum with a strong focus on intentionally engaging the entire church in discipling children so they make the decision to receive Jesus as their personal Savior, commit to their lives to His Lordship and grow to see church as a place which is essential to their lives. Wanda says, Sunday Plus is "a Gospel-centered curriculum which guides a church through intentional child discipleship. The use of “Specialists” and “Disciplers” enables adults to employ their giftedness as children internalize truth and deepen their relationship with Jesus and to the Body of Christ. Parents are also equipped to diligently teach their children. All gatherings are age appropriate and filled with spiritual challenge, critical thinking and fun."

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