Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Side-by-Side Large Group/Small Group Curriculum Comparison Chart and More . . .

For the past two weeks I've been reviewing Large Group/Small Group Sunday school curriculum . . . tomorrow I'll post my side-by-side comparison chart which puts all the lines I've reviewed in a convenient format so you are better able to identify the curriculum with the "tools" you want for your ministry. Please feel free to download and print out this chart to use as you look for the best curriculum "fit" for your ministry. So, in the past two weeks have you learned of any Large Group/Small Group Sunday school curriculum which may be a good "fit" for your ministry?

Next week I'll be reviewing Non-Traditional Sunday school curriculum resources and the following week I'll review Traditional and Bridge curriculum along with side-by-side comparison charts which feature the curriculum reviewed all week long.

In the coming months I'll be focusing on ideas for a summer of ministry which engages children and families in and out of our churches, mid-week curriculum/children's church curriculum resources and supporting and encouraging our volunteers. As you can see, in the coming months you will find information, ideas and resources on About the Children's Department which you can use in your children's ministry! 

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