Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Morning Science Project - Make-Your-Own Lava "Lamp"

I teach a 1st grade class on Sunday mornings at my church. This particular class is almost all boys, so as you might imagine, there is no lack of energy and enthusiasm in my class! While the curriculum we use is a good one, it could use a bit more "engagement" to keep the attention of six and seven year old boys focused on the lessons, so I add a science project each week to our class activities.

I have to tell you, the kids in my class love the science projects! Did I say, "love"? I should have said, "LOVE"! Not only do they LOVE the science projects, but they listen, pay attention and most importantly, they remember the point of the projects - I always connect the science project to the Bible lesson each week.

Since the kids in my class LOVE the science projects so much, I thought it would be fun on Monday mornings to share the projects with you and a general "application" so you could use them in your classes, too! 

Bible Point - When we obey God - even if we are afraid - the results will be amazing, surprising and awesome!
Supplies -
  • clear container - could be a glass, empty water bottle, etc
  • water
  • cooking oil
  • food coloring
  • antacid tablets
Directions -
  • fill container 1/4 with water
  • add several drops of food coloring
  • fill nearly to the top with oil
  • break tablet and add a piece to bottle
  • watch what happens!!!!
This is a project which kids will LOVE! You can have them help pour the water, add the food coloring, help pour the oil and allow each child to add a piece of the tablet - only hand them out as a child is having their turn to put it in the container.

Have fun with this project - do you use science projects in your class? If so, what was your favorite project?

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  1. Can you explain the lesson in more detail please, thank you! (not experiment, i get that ;)