Monday, June 10, 2013

Plan a Volunteer Appreciation Event and Dessert!

If you are looking for another idea of a way you could thank your volunteers and show them how much you value and appreciate them, consider putting on a volunteer event and dessert. The church I go to just held this type of event for their volunteers - they literally had a red carpet out the front door which was lined by the church staff so as volunteers arrived they were able to walk the red carpet into the church. The very first people who greeted volunteers was the Senior Pastor and his wife; they literally greeted and shook the hand of every person!

Then they had quite an evening of entertainment: singing, dancing, an improv group and handed out awards - it was very impressive and a lot of fun! 

The evenings entertainment was followed by a dessert buffet where each volunteer was given a lovely silver star key chain and a pen. Each volunteer was made to feel valued and appreciated from the time they walked the red carpet until they went home at the end of the evening!

Gather a group of creative people in your church, put your heads together and see what you can come up with for an evening of entertainment and dessert to thank your volunteers!

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