Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sneak Peek VBS 2014 - Agency D3 from LifeWay!

VBS Agency D3As you get ready for VBS 2013, I'm happy for the opportunity to give you a "sneak peek" at VBS for 2013 . . . today let's take a look at LifeWay's VBS - Agency D3! I love the look of this and I think it is a setting kids are going to enjoy as they "Discover. Decide. Defend." and learn Who Jesus is!

LifeWay says, "Join Agency D3 Special Agents for a week of fun as they examine eyewitness reports, physical proof, and biblical accounts to uncover and defend the truth about who Jesus really is."  Check this link for all the details - and you can listen to their music as well! Look at the scope and sequence . . . 

Bible Verse:
But honor the Messiah as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you. (1 Peter 3:15)
Day 1: Is Jesus Really God’s Son?
Evidence: An Eyewitness Report (Matthew 3:13-17; John 1:29-36)
Christ Connection: Isaiah 42:1 points to Jesus as God’s Son whom God would send to provide salvation for His people.
Summation: Kids can know that the evidence proves that Jesus is God’s Son.
Day 2: Was Jesus More Than Just a Good Man?
Evidence: Background Check (Mark 6:1-6,30-56)
Christ Connection: Jesus told people in Luke 4:16-21 that He was the Messiah referenced in Isaiah 61:1-2.
Summation: Kids can know that the evidence proves that Jesus was more than just a good man.
Day 3: Was Jesus’ Death Real?
Evidence: Death Confirmed (Mark 14:22-28; 15:22-47)
Christ Connection: As foretold in Isaiah 53:2-6, God’s plan for Jesus included Jesus’ death and resurrection to provide forgiveness of sin.
Summation: Kids can know that the evidence proves that Jesus’ death was real.
Day 4: Is Jesus Alive?
Evidence: Physical Proof (Luke 24:1-48)
Christ Connection: Just as David prophesied in Psalm 16:10 and Peter testified in Acts 2:31; God raised Jesus from the dead.
Summation: Kids can know that the evidence proves that Jesus is alive.
Day 5: What Do I Do with the Evidence About Jesus?
Evidence: Summing Up the Evidence (Acts 2:14-42; 1 Peter 3:15)
Christ Connection: David declared (Psalm 22:31) and Peter preached (Acts 2:39) that those present and generations yet to come would hear about the righteousness of Christ and what He has done.
Summation: Kids can use the evidence about Jesus to defend their faith.

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