Monday, June 17, 2013

Sneak Peek VBS 2014 - Workshop of Wonders from Cokesbury!

Cokesbury’s Workshop of WondersIt wasn't that many years ago when publishers didn't release the theme/setting for their next VBS until the end of the year, now we are able to get sneak peeks at the themes/settings for next year's VBS far earlier - in many cases before you even hold your VBS for this year! I'm very happy to share another of these sneak peeks with you today . . . this time it is for Workshop of Wonders from Cokesbury . . . and I have to say, just the name of the VBS has me looking forward to the day when the kit arrives and I can dig into it to see exactly what it will have children learning and doing in the summer of 2014!

Cokesbury has this to say about Workshop of Wonders; "At Cokesbury's Workshop of Wonders (WOW) VBS, kids will discover how to imagine and build with God!
At WOW VBS, discover how the ordinary becomes extraordinary with God. Experience the love of Jesus. Start an adventure. Use your imagination and creativity to build your faith. Meet people from the Bible who used what they had to produce something amazing with God. Use your heart, mind, and imagination to participate in the creative life of God, the one who works wonders!"

Looks great to me! Check out their scope and sequence here . . . 

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