Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Ministry Possibilities - "Summer Super Servers"!

I'm really "big" on "Putting Feet to Their Faith" and intentionally engaging our kids in opportunities to live what they believe! If we really want our kids to be serious about their faith and grow in their walk with Jesus, then we have to both model to and involve them in living their faith by serving others. The Summer is the perfect time to do this with older elementary age children . . . and with teams of families!

Consider some of the following opportunities for these kids to be "Summer Super Servers" . . . 

  • "Shut-In Spiffer-Uppers" - take teams of kids to visit your shut-ins. These kids will visit with the shut-in and then some of them will dust, vacuum, wash dishes, etc while others do yard work. These kids will brighten the day of all who they visit and serve!
  • "Park Perker-Uppers" - involve teams of kids in cleaning a local park and/or hiking trail. These children will show their faith by serving their community!
  • "Lunch Baggers" - gather teams of kids to pack sack lunches for children in need of a good lunch while on summer break. These children will be able to show empathy and concern for their peers by serving on this team!
  • "Water Boy/Girl" - if your community sponsors a marathon or "walk" during the summer, have a team of kids ready to hand out cold water to participants. Or, if your community has a yearly celebration, have your kids staff a booth where they can hand out cups of cold water for free to anyone who attends the community event - in the summer this can be a real service!
  • "World Difference-Makers" - check out my "Put Feet to Their Faith" Ministry Focus in the tab at the top of the page and choose one of them - or a project of your own - to involve kids in raising money or gathering supplies for.
These are just a few ideas to get you started, but be sure to select your projects and develop a "Summer Super Servers" team; then allow your older elementary kids and families to sign up for this ministry opportunity and put them to work helping others this Summer!

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