Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cherish Your Volunteers!

In just a few weeks our Fall ministries will be starting . . . while there are a number of things which are crucial to the success of your Fall ministries, none are more essential than your volunteer staff . . . it would be very difficult to accomplish the things you want to do this year without them. So, as your new year of ministry begins, make the commitment to truly cherish your volunteers! Consider the following ways to help them feel like the most cherished people on earth -
  • Arrange for each volunteer to have one person in your church who commits to pray for them throughout the year. Prayer partners will contact volunteers to get prayer requests and to encourage them all year long! See more about this at the following link.
  • Arrange for adult Sunday school classes to "adopt" children's ministry volunteers . . . see the specifics as to how this works at this link.
  • Plan a special event for volunteers and their spouse/guest - see this link for the specifics on how to plan a Holiday Open House for your volunteers.
Whether you do one or more of these things, or something else, be sure to commit to cherish your volunteers . . . they are essential to your children's ministry!

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