Sunday, July 7, 2013

Make Your Own Children's Ministry Hats with Duck Tape! (re-run)

Duck Brand 1344909 1.88-Inch by 10-Yard Colored Duck Tape, Totally Tie DyeAround my house Duck Tape is held in high regard! After-all, the world is held together by Duck Tape! :^) So, when Duck Tape began to produce tape in colors and patterns, well, needless to say, it got my attention! I love taking a few minutes to browse the Duck Tape website to see some of the creative things people are making with Duck Tape and decided to share a fun pattern with you for making your own Duck Tape Baseball Hats!  This craft is one you could use to make your own children's ministry hats . . . ones which are very unique and affordable! Brainstorm with the children in your ministry to determine the colors you want to use for your hats and design a "logo" to represent your ministry . . . of course use Duck Tape to make your logo! Encourage them to design a logo which represents a way God has blessed them or one which goes along with a theme you are learning and then lead them in praising God for His blessings! Have fun with your hats! :^)

Supplies -
Optional Supplies and Tools: 
  • Stickers to decorate as you like


Step 1

Make a sheet of Duck® brand duct tape fabric which is 16 inches long and seven inches wide. To make your fabric, lay a strip of duct tape sticky side up on a flat surface. Lay the next strip parallel to the first, slightly overlapping the edge. Continue until you have four strips wide. Then, place additional strips sticky side down over the existing sheet to finish your fabric.

Step 2

Taking the old hat, trace six sections of the hat onto the duct tape with your pen or marker. Cut them out using your scissors.

Step 3

Using small pieces of duct tape, tape the sections together on the inside to create the shape of the hat.

Step 4

Lay out two strips of a different color of Duck® brand duct tape on your cutting board, each measuring seven inches long. Using your utility knife, cut them each in half lengthwise – you will end up with four pieces. Then cut each of those pieces in half lengthwise again so you end up with eight pieces. Take one of the long strips and lay it on top of the hat at the seams. Repeat until all the seams are covered.

Step 5

Lay down your old hat on a piece of poster board and trace and cut out the brim of your duct tape hat. Cover the brim in your favorite color of Duck® brand duct tape and then, using small pieces of duct tape, attach the brim to the rest of the hat. Tape it on both the under and top sides of the hat.

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