Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mid-Week Curriculum Reviews - kidz Connection, KidTrek Sunday Plus, DiscipleTown & Gospel Light's kids time

It is time for me to talk about resources for mid-week ministry. Some of the resources I review will be familiar mid-week resources and some may be ones you haven't thought about using for your mid-week outreach before. Today I'm going to recommend some resources I've reviewed in previous curriculum reviews as they also make great mid-week resources. Follow the links to see their full review.

Kids time God's big picture: The all-purpose Children's Ministry Program for grades 1-6
DiscipleTownI really love kidz ConnectionKidTrek Sunday PlusDiscipleTown and Gospel Light's kids time as resources for mid-week. kidz Connection, DiscipleTown and kids time provide enough options for you to make each one a different "station" for the kids to rotate through and KidTrek Sunday Plus includes a mid-week lesson in their materials. Another bonus to using these materials is they are reproducible so you are able to make as many copies as you need for use in your ministry as you build off the theme for a focused mid-week ministry. By utilizing a resource like these, you are able to "design" your mid-week ministry so it is unique and reflects your unique ministry!

Take a look at these resources to see if they might be a good "fit" for your mid-week ministry!

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