Friday, July 19, 2013

Mid-Week Curriculum Review - Boy Scouts!

For several years now I have been recommending Boy Scouts as an option to consider when looking for a mid-week ministry. I understand with the recent decisions Boy Scouts have made/are considering it may make this an option you may not want to consider. However, if one of the goals for your mid-week ministry is outreach, then Scouting provides a unique opportunity for your to reach out to boys in your community who might otherwise not attend your church! Plus, an added bonus is you will be able to "advertise" your mid-week ministry in the local schools if you are offering Boy Scouts at your church!

Keep in mind, if your church sponsors a Boy Scouts club, you are free to add Bible teaching to your club meetings . . . this allows you the unique opportunity to reach those boys who may want to participate in Scouting, but who would otherwise not attend your mid-week ministry! Boy Scouts believes boys can not be good citizens if they do not have a relationship with God; this makes Scouting a good fit for churches to sponsor as part of their mid-week ministry to boys.

Sadly, there are not any national organizations for girls similar to Boy Scouts where they hold high the value and necessity of having a relationship with God. I'll offer some ideas for outreach to girls later this week.

Boy Scouts -

A few interesting facts -
  • 70.3 percent of all units are chartered to faith-based organizations
  • Responsibilities of chartered organizations include: Providing adequate meeting facilities. Providing quality leadership for the Scouting unit. Appointing a chartered organization representative to coordinate all Scouting unit operations within the organization.
  • Volunteer training is provided by Boy Scouts
  • Volunteer screening/background checks are also provided by Boy Scouts
A simple process -
  • Determine which ages you want to charter - Cub Scout Pack and/or Boy Scout Troop
  • Contact your local Boy Scout Council
  • Meet with the executive from your local council
  • Structure your leadership
  • $40 per year to charter your pack/troop
  • $15 per child/adult - this could be covered by dues and/or fundraising or your church could offer scholarships
Scouting can be an excellent outreach to the boys in your community. Not only will boys have the opportunity to build relationships, learn new skills and participate in events they will enjoy, but you will be able to talk to them about the most important thing . . . their relationship with God! One more thing to think about when it comes to chartering a Boy Scouts Pack or Troop, is this may be something which would allow you to connect with the dads. Most other opportunities you might offer to boys do not necessarily include the dads. Scouting and the activities associated with scouting could very well appeal to dads allowing you to help build strong relationships with dads and between dads and boys.  As you consider your mid-week ministry, definitely give serious consideration to Boy Scouts!


  1. Lynda,
    There is a great national program for girls that is Christian and has been around for many years. They are the American Heritage Girls. Check it out!
    It is an awesome girls scouting organization.

    1. Thank you - I will. The biggest benefit to boy scouts is it opens the door to reach kids who are not interested in "churchy" programs and few other mid-week options give you this "benefit". Of course with the recent - and new - "concern" scouting has with being politically correct, it may make this option more difficult to use in your church.

      It would be nice if there were a program for girls which provided this "benefit" - Camp Fire is the closest one which does this.