Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mid-Week Curriculum Reviews - Vacation Bible School for Mid-Week Ministry!

I just encouraged you to take a look at several resources you might typically think of as Sunday School and/or Children's Church curriculum for use in your mid-week ministries, but I also want to encourage you to consider Vacation Bible School curriculum for use in your mid-week ministries as well. VBS is something kids love and if you modify the schedule to include just two or three stations, you could use VBS materials for a mid-week ministry kids will want to be part of! Decide which stations you want to make part of your mid-week ministry and purchase those station leader books along with the Bible lesson book and music and you will find you are all set for a year of VBS . . . a nice bonus is since you are only purchasing a few books - rather than a full kit - it won't cost a lot!  

Look at the Bible focus and design your mid-week ministry year so one theme builds on the next. I'd suggest using each lesson for two weeks - this will allow you to really focus on the Bible teaching and application of each lesson to your kid's every day lives. The second week of your teaching involve the children in presenting the Bible lesson as a drama and provide opportunities for children - and staff - to share how they lived the lesson the previous week.

You'll find my VBS reviews at this link. If you are trying to decide what to do about your mid-week ministry, take a look at VBS resources as they will provide focused teaching which connects everything you do and give your mid-week ministry the "fun" of VBS - all year long!

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