Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Free Worship Session for the Children of Your Church - Let Them Lead the Church in Worship!

I've had a lot to say about real worship and how it is more than just singing songs on Sunday morning. I believe we do a disservice to the children - and adults - in our church if they only see worship as something we do when we sing in church on Sundays. Yes, singing is part of worship, but real worship is so much more! It involves obeying God, giving our whole selves to God, serving and really loving others.

I absolutely believe there is a role for praise teams in the church, but would like to challenge you to consider occasionally allowing children to play a role in leading the church in worship. Children can worship God, just as adults can. Children also can lead adults in worship by leading a few songs and leading the church in praying Psalms back to God. Consider using the following service from Psalm 105:1-8 with the children, and adults, in your church.

Praise Leader - Read Psalm 105:1-8

Praise Leader - David knew when he talked with God he needed to remember to praise, thank and worship God! Praising, thanking and worshiping God changed David’s life! David praised and thanked God with all his heart! When we make the choice to be people who talk with God, we need to know we are also making the choice to thank, praise and worship God and when we do, it will change our lives! Let’s choose to talk with God and thank, worship and praise Him like David did! “I want to worship You Lord, by giving thanks to You and telling others what You have done for me!” (Pause and allow everyone to repeat prayer)

Praise Leader – David chose to thank God and he wanted to be sure others knew the amazing things God did for him! This changed David’s life and if we make the choice to thank God it will change our lives, too! Take a moment to share something God has done for you which you want to thank Him for with the person next to you, then pray and thank God for the amazing things He does! (Allow people a few minutes to do this)

Praise Leader – David knew God did many wonderful things and he wanted to sing praises to God for those things! Let’s sing praises to God like David did for some of the wonderful things God does for us! (Lead the church in a couple praise songs.)

Praise Leader – David knew if he trusted God his heart would be full of joy and he would have so much to praise God about! Let’s praise God some more like David did! “Thank You Lord I can always trust You and Your strength!” (Pause and allow everyone to repeat prayer) I want to remember the wonderful things You have done for me and praise You for them!” (Pause and allow everyone to repeat prayer) I want to thank and praise You for being my God!” (Pause and allow everyone to repeat prayer)  “I want to thank and praise You for keeping Your promises for all time to come!” (Pause and allow everyone to repeat prayer)

Have one or two volunteers share why they serve/worship God with their 
service, how it has changed their lives and something they can praise Him for 
in the children's ministry.

Praise Leader –  David said we need to choose to thank, worship and praise God! When we spend time talking with God we will want to worship, praise and thank Him and our lives will be changed! “Dear LORD, thank You for your love for all of usPlease help us choose to want to be people who thank and praise You for the wonderful things You have done for us!” 

Okay, I realize this is not the typical way "worship" takes place in our
churches, but personalizing and praying the Psalms back to God and allowing
our volunteers to share how their lives have changed by serving/worshiping
God through serving is a wonderful way to do so. I also realize involving the
children in leading worship for adults is not something our churches tend to 
do; but why not? Spend some time in the children's ministry and help them 
understand what real worship involves. Give them the opportunity to learn 
how to personalize and pray the Psalms back to God so they are ready to lead 
the church in doing the same and see what happens. 

If you try this in your church, please let me know how it goes. Maybe this can 
be a "step" we take to help give a more complete view of worship to the 
children and adults in our churches!

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