Sunday, August 4, 2013

Get The Word Out! Fall Ministries Begin In A Month!

Believe it or not, Fall ministries begin in a month! Today is a great day to organize your mailing lists to be sure every child/family you had the opportunity to minister to last year, and especially over the summer, receives a personal note to invite them to join you in your children's and family ministry opportunities. Consider the following possibilities -
  • If you have not already done so, have the small group leaders from your VBS and/or camp and/or other summer ministry write a personal note to each child from their small group - get them to all sit down and do this at the same time . . . it helps if you have coffee and fresh fruit, coffee cake, muffins or other breakfast type things and schedule this for a Sunday morning before church! Collect all completed postcards and have the church secretary mail them the 15th of August. Be absolutely certain you have a card for each child who has been involved in your ministry . . . you do not want any child left out.
  • Involve parents/adult Sunday school/small group teachers/leaders and have them send a personal invitation to parents of children who were involved in your summer ministry opportunities. Again, collect these notes and have the church secretary mail them the 15th of August.
  • Ask your Sr Pastor to write a note to parents, thanking them for allowing their children to be part of your ministry the precious year and over the summer. Have him share some of his vision for the church and sincerely invite them to become part of all which is happening at your church and then, once again, have the church secretary mail these letters the 15th of August!
Children love to receive mail; it sends a very positive message to parents for their children to receive a personal, hand-written note inviting them to participate in your children's ministry opportunities as well. An intentional "mailing-campaign" is the first step in launching your Fall Ministries. What do you do to "get the word out"?

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