Monday, August 5, 2013

Help the Children in Your Ministry Really Worship!

Young girl praying
In my post two days ago, "What is Real Worship and How Do We Help Our Children Understand It?" I talked about how important it is for children - and adults - to understand two very big ways we worship God is by serving Him and loving others. I said, "If we want  the children in our churches to have a fuller understanding of worship they also need to know real worship involves giving of our whole selves. The Book of Leviticus is all about instructing and teaching people how to worship God through their offerings. The offerings were a gift brought to God as an act of worship. Children need to know the offering of our whole selves is a fragrant sacrifice of worship and pleases God – Ephesians 5; I Peter 2. This is a major part of worship; in fact, if we do not give our all to God we can’t worship Him." And, "Finally remember, along with worshiping by obeying, giving our all and music, we worship God by loving others. In Mark 12 Jesus said the most important command of all was to love God with all our heart, soul and strength. He said the second command was to love others as we loved ourselves and this loving of God and others with our all was more important than offerings. We can model real worship of God by loving/serving others. When we elevate loving and serving others as the ultimate act of worship our faith will be real and active and will result in joy and worship."

We can intentionally engage the children in our ministries in really worshiping with their whole selves and showing real love to others by "Putting Feet to Their Faith" through a service project, such as a project with WorldVision to help prevent malaria

Worship is so very much more than just singing songs in church on Sunday. Worship of God needs to be a real part of our everyday lives . . . let's commit to showing the children in our ministries exactly how they can be real, everyday worshipers of God!

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