Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rumble! Zap! Pow! You Can Get a Copy, Too!

A couple weeks ago I posted about one of the ways I get so many books to review and how you can get free books, too - from Tyndale Rewards. (You'll find the details - and a code to join - at this link) So, today I want to share a review with you of a book I received from Tyndale Rewards . . . all I had to do was open an account, answer a few questions and then look through the available titles list for a book I had enough points for. (You receive points from really simple things: sharing your birth date, having a friend join the program, taking a survey - really simple things.)

Rumble! Zap! Pow!: Mighty Stories of God
Author - Diane Stortz
Illustrator - Luke Daab
Publisher - Tyndale Kids
Ages - 3-6

Favorite Features -
  • Twenty Old Testament stories and twenty New Testament stories
  • Some stories are familiar; others are not
  • Short, action-filled stores
  • Colorful "comic-book-style illustrations"
  • Each story includes a Mighty Thought, Power Words and Activity
  • Stories focus on how powerful God is, how much He loves us and how we should obey Him
There is no shortage of Bible story books on the market, but this is one children - particularly boys - will enjoy! As Tyndale Kids says, "The Bible is full of action and adventure! Follow Moses as the walls of water part with a Whish! March around Jericho with Joshua and hear the Rrumble! of the city walls crashing down. Watch Goliath fall down with a giant-sized Thud! And listen in with the amazed disciples as a mighty Whoosh! fills the room. Perfect for energetic preschoolers, these 40 exciting stories and engaging activities make the Bible come to life for kids . . . and teach them how mighty our God is!"

I'm very happy to say not only did Tyndale Rewards send this book to me for free, but they would be delighted to send one to you, too! Just follow this link and sign up with my code (kwj2-k218-rzk5-tqqs, but it will fill in automatically if you follow the link) and you will be on your way to getting free books of your choice! This is a wonderful way to get free books for yourself, your family, your church, your school . . . for whomever you want to give them to! Enjoy!

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