Monday, August 12, 2013

VeggieTales MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle!

I had planned to share my review of the new Veggie Tale, Maclarry & Stinky Cheese Battle a week ago, but with the arrival of sweet little Shane, my review was delayed. I am very delighted to let you know about this new Veggie story which Big Idea sent to me for free to review! Get ready to laugh!

Big Idea says; "Maclarry & Stinky Cheese Battle features the Veggie gang in a make-believe land where ancient Scotland and ancient Rome are in the midst of the silliest prank feud of all time. In this land the tools of battle are pies and water balloons.  This latest action adventure features a full cast of fan-favorites, including Larry the Cucumber as MacLarry, Bob the Tomato as MacBob, and Mr. Lunt as the mischievous Pompous Maximus. At the core of this new story is the lesson of getting along with others – a value which is top of mind for parents of preschoolers. 'We’re delighted to deliver a story with the silliness kids love,' said Leslie Ferrell, president of Big Idea Entertainment, 'the fun of a stinky cheese battle with a message parents want to reinforce – the importance of getting along with others.'

chognorrius_singalongI found Maclarry & Stinky Cheese Battle to be laugh-out-loud-funny . . . especially the song about Chog Norrius . . . even the Big Bad Wolf is afraid of Chog Norrius!!! :-D Big Idea does not disappoint with their newest story of Veggie sillines . . . and as a child of a barber, I especially found the humor about the Barber-barians to be extremely funny!

Children will love the return of their "friends" MacLarry and MacBob and they will love all the funniness of practical jokes, water balloons and stinky cheese . . . what could be funnier than these things???!!!

Parents and grandparents will appreciate the humor and most importantly, the message about choosing to not hold grudges, to forgive, get along with and accept others to be the messages we want our children/grandchildren to hear - and take to heart; particularly with the kids heading back to school soon.

Plus, Big Idea has a wealth of free downloadables, games and crafts which go along with MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle - just check this link for all the fun!

If you are looking for a movie which is great fun and is filled with solid messages, definitely take a look at Maclarry & Stinky Cheese Battle! And, like I said, definitely get ready to laugh!!!

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