Thursday, September 19, 2013

Help Children by Being Intentional About Encouraging Parents

Being a parent is not an easy job. It takes patience - even when a child is having a melt-down . . . or should I say, especially when a child is having a melt-down! It takes endurance . . . even when you have had little sleep because a child is ill, or just won't go to sleep at night . . . or again, should I say, especially when you have had little sleep! It takes work! 

Often this work goes unnoticed . . . except for when a child miss-behaves, and since they are children, they are sure to miss-behave from time to time . . . even the most well-behaved of them!

So, one of the best ways we can encourage parents is for us to be intentional about noticing when a parent has done something with their child well . . . and to say so! We can also encourage them when things are not going so well by saying something about how they are hanging in there!

When we are intentional about encouraging parents, not only will it have a positive effect on them, but it will benefit the children, too! So, pay attention and be intentional about encouraging parents!

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