Saturday, September 28, 2013

Interview the Children!

My grandson Josiah is five years old, so today when he was at my house I asked him what he would like to do in Sunday school if he got to pick what the kids did. He said he would like to hear Bible stories about animals, then make animal puppets and put on a puppet show of the Bible story! There is potential in what he would like to do! 

Do you ever take time to ask children what they would like to do in Sunday school? Children may have ideas which just are not do-able, but they are likely to have ideas which could be done - or at least tweaked and made to work!

 If we teach in ways kids enjoy, they are more likely to connect with what we are teaching, remember the lesson and be able to understand and live it! So, take some time each quarter to interview a few children and see what they really remember. Find out what they most enjoyed doing in class and what they would like to do. You may find ideas which will work in your ministry!

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