Saturday, October 5, 2013

AWANAWorks - FREE Book Download & Live-Streamed D6 from Louisville!

AWANA has a website called which will be a global platform for thought leaders and leading family ministry influencers where they can share their views. It also had a number of free resources including . . . 
  •  Free book download - Ways to Instill a Biblical Worldview in Your Kids by Linda Weddle
  • Excerpt from Weddle’s book, "How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph Guide"
  • Excerpt from Larry Fowler’s book, "Raising a Modern Day Joseph: A Timeless Strategy for Growing Great Kids 
  • Excerpt from Fowler’s latest book, "Rock Solid Children's Ministry"
You will also be able to watch the live-streamed events and discussions from Louisville (October 16-18), enabling you and your readers to experience the impact of the D6 conference from anywhere you choose to plug in - you'll find information and resources to help you in your ministry.

Take some time to check this resource and see if it can provide some tools to help you be more effective in your ministry to children - whether you use AWANA clubs, or not!

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