Thursday, October 3, 2013

How Do I Help a Child Who . . . Has Parents Getting a Divorce?

DC4KFew things can be as difficult, confusing and painful for a child than to have their family fall apart because their parents are getting a divorce. While children may respond outwardly in different ways; some children cry, some act out and others say it doesn't matter and laugh it off, you can be sure they are all hurting.

Divorce Ministry 4 KidsSo where can you turn to find information to help you know how to help children whose parents are getting a divorce?

I know of two excellent sources of information and help . . .  

 DC4K is a ministry committed to providing Divorce Care 4 Kids. They describe themselves as . . . "Are your children angry, hurt, and confused about your divorce? Finding help for your children can be frustrating. DivorceCare for Kids, DC4K, provides a safe, fun place where your children will
  • Learn to understand their feelings 
  • Express their emotions appropriately 
  • Feel better about themselves 
  • Develop coping skills 
  • Be introduced to biblical concepts that will bring comfort"
You can start a group in your own church to serve the children and families in your church and community.

DivorceMinistry4Kids is another ministry which provides a wealth of resources to help you understand and help the children and families in your church and community who are dealing with divorce. Their mission statement is, "To honor God by standing up for the child of divorce (including children whose parents were never married and are no longer together) by 

  • Teaching people about the effects of divorce on children;
  • Equipping those who work with children to serve these kids more effectively;
  • Calling the church to serve, support and minister to these children and their families; and
  • Serving children of divorce and their families as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ."
Both of these ministries will provide you with the tools you need to help children whose parents are getting a divorce.

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