Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm Thankful for . . . Opportunities to Serve!

Have you ever stopped to thank God for the opportunity to serve? There have been times in my life where I've had many opportunities to serve and times where there were few opportunities to serve, so I'm very thankful for the opportunities I have to serve!  

I'm thankful to God for giving me the gifts, abilities, experiences and talents He has given me so I am able to serve in the places where He has placed me. I have been at places in the past where leadership tended to "hog", meter out and limit serving and so there were not many opportunities to serve, so I'm extremely thankful for the church where I am now - they welcome people who want to serve!

I'm also thankful to God for the opportunities to serve in other ways - mostly by writing! God is so good to me and brings me opportunities to write; opportunities which I'd never have even thought or dreamed of!

Do not forget to thank God for the opportunities He has given you to serve; and if you are in a leadership position, be sure to make serving at your church a place where people are welcome to use the gifts, talents and abilities God has given them!

So today my heart is overflowing with thankfulness to our God Who gives me - and you - opportunities to serve!

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