Thursday, October 10, 2013

What Encourages You in Ministry?

Yesterday I asked, "What discourages you in ministry?" and wrote, "Discouragement can so easily lead to doubt; did God really call us to serve in children's ministry? Are we really 'cut out out' for this? Can we continue on? Discouragement is difficult and can take a high tool on our ministry. Anyone ca be discouraged by the things which happen in ministry, but if we remain discouraged, not only can we be discouraged but our ministry can be damaged or even come to a stop. It is so important; especially when we feel discouraged, to tell ourselves the truth." Then I shared several truths from God's Word! 

We can - and likely will - experience discouragement in ministry, but thankfully, ministry also has many things which encourage us so, today, I want to ask you, "What encourages you in ministry?" What is it about children's ministry which fills your heart with joy?

The things which encourage me are . . . 
  • When a child makes the decision to know and walk with Jesus!
  • When a child grows in their love for Jesus!
  • When a family finds the ministry supports and encourages them as they raise their children!
  • When volunteers enjoy serving!
These are just a few things which encourage me - what encourages you in children's ministry?

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