Saturday, November 16, 2013

Busy Time of Year . . . and My 2014 VBS Reviews are Only a Month and a Half Away!

What are you thinking about and planning for today? Is it the children's service and classes tomorrow? Are you thinking about your Thanksgiving dinner; counting the number of people who will be there, determining how much food you will need, planning the recipes, figuring out when to put the turkey in the refrigerator to thaw? Have your thoughts gone to Christmas: when to put up the tree, wondering if you need new or more lights this year, thinking through your gift list, planning any get-togethers and parties you will be hosting and/or attending? Are you double-checking your to-do list for the holidays and your children's ministry? Any special events, choir rehersals, parties, the Christmas lesson? There are so mny things to think about and plan for this time of year for sure!

Well, my answer is yes! I'm thinking about many of these things and Vacation Bible School! VBS, you ask? Why would I be thinking about VBS? Well, the answer is because the UPS driver should be delivering many 2014 VBS kits to my house over the next few weeks! Along with all the aforementioned things, I also review VBS and get ready for my month of VBS reviews; January!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the publishers have in store for us all with their 2014 kits and I'm also looking forward to sharing it all with you! So, please plan to join me throughout January for my 2014 Vacation Bible School Reviews . . . they are only a month and a half away!

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  1. It is my opinion that VBS is the best week of the summer. Having said that, I get really happy when the publishers start rolling out all the details of their respective VBS kits. I know that some announce the theme and give a little synopsis, but I prefer the whole enchilada. I look forward to seeing your reviews! Thanks for doing this! Debbie