Thursday, November 7, 2013

One Week Until the Timothy Prayer - Please Join in Praying!

One week from today you will have the opportunity to pray with others for our nation with the Timothy Prayer. I've written about this a couple times in the past few weeks and want to take today to encourage you once again, to get involved with the Timothy Prayer.

If you missed my other posts, please allow me to share some information with you about the Timothy Prayer today. Their website says; "The Timothy Prayer was born out of a call from God to specifically pray for America, the President of the United States, Congressional leaders, and the hearts of all Americans. In October 2013, the government shutdown for sixteen days over an impasse regarding Obamacare.  During that time, the Lord raised-up a Christian radio station and coordinator of the National Day of Prayer after a female listener agreed to pray for the nation over the airwaves.  A God-honoring time of fellowship inspired other listeners to meet at a remote broadcast the following day to pray in unison outside a small town coffee shop! Within a few short weeks, a Web site was built to help lead radio stations and listeners throughout the country on how to get involved with this corporate effort to pray as ‘One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.’ Currently, several Christian artists and bands are showing their support for The Timothy Prayer by recording encouragements which will be heard throughout the days leading-up to the November 14th prayer time. A list of supporting artists can be found on the MINISTRY PARTNERS page."

Sabrina Fairchild is a co-host of the morning show on WJQ 99.3 and is working on this project; she told me, "All churches are invited to be a part of this mission!  It would be a tremendous blessing to have the support of Children's Ministry Pastors and leaders to teach young children the meaning of prayer, the power of prayer, why prayer is pleasing to God, and how to pray -- leading up to November 14th.  It would also be helpful if each Children's Ministry Pastor would consider distributing information about their participating, local Christian stations which will be taking time to air The Timothy Prayer."

This is absolutely something we can get behind and involve the children and families in our churches with so they are praying as well! Consider the following ideas for ways you could involve the children and families at your church in praying the Timothy Prayer this Sunday . . . 
  • Email the Timothy Prayer a creative photo of prayer with the children i your ministry worshipping at church! Every day, one photo will be posted on the Timothy Prayer Home page. Once a week, a winner will be chosen and tweeted to the Today show for a chance for your photo to be seen on national TV! Please Submit all your prayer pics to: 
  • Consider taking time today to record a prayer asking for God’s guidance for America, President Obama and all of our leaders in Washington D.C..  You can pray alone or with others.  Then, all you have to do is send your audio to There is also an app at the following link which you can use to record and submit your prayer -
  • Sign up - and encourage the children and families in your ministry to do the same - to let everyone know you will be participating with the Timothy Prayer - use this link to sign up -
Teaching the children in our ministries to pray when those around us are frustrated and upset can have an incredible impact on them. Reminding children when they are faced with uncertainty they can turn to our amazing God Who loves them, hears their prayers and answers them is one of the most important things we can do. As I've also been writing about, our God is bigger than we think and can do so much more than we can imagine! The Timothy Prayer is absolutely something we can take part in; and encourage others to do so as well! Will you join me in praying on November 14th?

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