Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Science Project to Make a Point - God is Bigger Than We Think & Can Do Much More Than We Imagine!

I've been writing about how God is bigger than we think and can do much more than we imagine! We need to have a true view of God and not live as if He is not really able to help us with our needs in our ministry and our lives.

We also need to be intentional about helping the children in our ministries have a true view of God, too. One way we can do this is with a really awesome and simple science project! I did this project with my grandson and he was amazed by it! Check this link for the details and when you try it in your class, talk with the children about how big and amazing God is! Just as this project had an amazing reaction, when we pray with faith believing God is big enough to answer our prayers, the results will be amazing!

The truth is God is bigger than we think He is and He can do so very much more than we imagine! We need to have a true view of God; and so do the children in our ministries. Maybe this project can help them see God as the amazing, surprising and unexpected God He is!

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