Friday, November 15, 2013

Why Do I Write About the Children's Department?

AtCDAs I said yesterday, I've been writing About the Children's Department for almost three years. The reasons I had for writing this blog remain the same . . . 

Nearly seventeen years ago after serving in a children's ministry where I was disappointed by decisions made due to church "politics" rather than what was genuinely effective, I began to write a webzine - "About the Children's Department". My goal was to provide information, ideas and resources to help churches keep their children's ministries as effective as possible.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsEventually I began to write for "Children's Ministry Magazine" and then "Your Church Magazine/Christianity Today" and was a contributing writer for a book from Group Publishing -The Humongous Book of Bible Skits for Children's Ministry - and a project from Big Idea/VeggieTales - VeggieTales Veggie ConnectionsPreschool Curriculum. I consulted for Gospel Light Publishing, Group Publishing, Zonderkidz/Big Idea/Willow Creek and taught Children's Ministry Magazine Live Workshops across the country. Through all this I met so many people who served in children's ministries - some where decisions were made based on the goal of effective ministry and some where they were made based on "politics".

Kidz CONNECTIONWhen I was diagnosed with MS I wanted to be able to continue to try and make a difference in the thing I cared so much about - Children's Ministry - and began to write my own curriculum; kidz Connection. I never imagined churches in places like South Korea and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia would use my curriculum!

So, along with continuing to write kidz Connection I wanted to refocus on what I care so much about by going back to what I began with the webzine - "About the Children's Department"; but this time in a much more interactive format as a blog. I look forward to being able to provide information on effective children's ministry resources - and the opportunity to have discussions with those of you who read this blog. We will be able to help one another find answers to our children's ministry questions and share ideas which have worked for us!

Product DetailsIt does matter if the children's ministries in our churches are genuinely effective. In his book, "Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions" George Barna said most people make decisions for Christ before they are 13 years old; yet in so many churches decisions about our children's ministries are made based on politics and far too often this important ministry is run like children's ministries from the 1950's and 1960's. Churches hire people to lead singing before they even think about hiring someone to be sure their children's ministry is genuinely effective and yet, it is the children's ministry where most decisions for Jesus will be made. Children's ministry can be genuinely effective and can truly engage children so they understand, remember and live God's Word for changed lives. It is the goal of "About the Children's Department" to be a source to help churches do exactly this!

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