Thursday, December 5, 2013

Free Resource for Families!

5 Tips for Getting Your Child to Say "Thank You"... and Mean It! - www.mannersmentor.comOne of the ways we can help support families is to pass resources to parents which they may find helpful as their raise their children. One excellent resource for every family is the Manners Mentor's website. Maralee McKee is the Manners Mentor and she has a wealth of information to help parents help their children learn how to be the best they can be in any situation!

One recent post from Maralee gave Five Tips for Getting Your Child to Say Thank You at Christmas . . . check the link for the full post, but here are a few of her tips . . . 

1. Model gratitude. As moms we have to speak the language of gratitude fluently before we can expect our children to even pick up a phrase or two. Studies show that kids use courtesy words only about 20 percent as much as they hear them. If “please” and “thank you” don’t roll off our tongues at every opportunity, our children won’t be exposed to these words enough to remember to say them nearly as often as they should.
2. Teach the meaning. From teaching corporate seminars and children’s classes to thousands, I’ve realized that most people aren’t clear about the meaning of “thank you.” It doesn’t translate as, “I love this!” or even as, “I like this!” What it really means is, “I notice you did something for me.” Kids often feel as if saying “thank you” is telling a fib if the gift they just opened or the food set in front of them isn’t something they find appealing. When they understand that saying “thank you” has nothing to do with how much they like or don’t like what they’re thanking the other person for, they are more apt to say—and mean it!
3. Talk about the feeling. The needs to feel noticed and appreciated are the two most powerful felt needs for all of us. Talk to your children about how they feel when something special they did is appreciated, and how that compares to when no one seems to notice their efforts. Explain that every time they say “thank you,” they’re passing on the gift of the good feeling of being regarded and appreciated. Let them know that their very words are presents they’re giving the other person.
Can you see why Maralee's site is such a great resource for families? Share it with the families in your ministry - they will be so glad you did!

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