Friday, December 13, 2013

The Story of the Holy Land: A Visual History - I'm Giving One Away!

"The history of the Holy Land stretches back to the dawn of time and encompasses a dramatic mix of events - from border skirmishes to full scale invasions, from the wanderings of Abraham and the patriarchs to the powerful teaching of numerous prophets. From earliest days to 1948, it has passed from one ruler to another, one empire to the next and has been a melting-pot for a wide range of cultures and beliefs. With sites sacred to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the Holy Land and its people have had an impact on history out of all proportion to its size - and continue to do so today."

This is the introduction to a beautiful book I was invited to review - and given the opportunity to give one away as well - The Story of the Holy Land: A Visual History.

While some of you may have visited the Holy Land; or have it on your "to-do list", many of us will never make a trip to the Holy Land, so a book such as this provides us the opportunity to "see" what this place where Jesus lived and walked actually looks like!

The Story of the Holy Land: A Visual History
By - Peter Walker
Publisher - LionHudson/Kregel

Favorite Features -

  • Text takes us on a "tour" through time and the history of the Holy Land
  • Filled with charts, time-lines, photos and maps - great for use in a class with children to help them "see" where events in the Bible took place
  • Book is organized in seven chapters beginning with the Canaanites and Israelites (1950 - 1050 BC) and ending with the Ottomans and Westerners (AD 1291 - 1948)
Jerome Murphy-O'Connor says, "Stunning large-scale photograp[hs, linked and illuminated by an insightful text encapsulate the 4000 ear sweep of the history of the Holy Land in a way whic will refresh the expert and instruct the beginner." He is correct. The photos are amazing and the text is understandable by anyone!

It can be difficult for children to picture the Holy Land; it looks so different from where we live here in the USA. The Story of the Holy Land: A Visual History is a wonderful tool to help you help the children in your ministry better understand what Israel looks like!

Whether you use this book for your own study and enjoyment or for use in your class, The Story of the Holy Land: A Visual History is a book which will open your eyes to the place, which as the publisher said, "has often been 'center stage' in the history of our world" and how it impacted the history of the church!

I'm happy to say, not only did Kregel send me one book for free to review, but they are making another available for me to give away (USA only) If you would like to be in the drawing for The Story of the Holy Land: A Visual History which will be on December 27, 2013, please comment below to let me know where you would go if you could visit any place in the world; I'd go to New Zealand! 

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