Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top Posts for 2013 . . . Do You Know the Pilot is NECESSARY?

As we near the end of 2013 and the start of 2014, I want to take a moment to look at my Top Posts for 2013. The third most read post for 2013 was one where I shared something cute my grandson Josiah had to say about pilots! I'm re-posting it here for you to see today . . . just in case you didn't happen to see it!

While many of you may know me as a person who cares very much about children's ministry, I am also a grandma . . . and I absolutely LOVE being a grandma! (Check my other blog, grandma's cookie jar for ideas, resources and give-aways to help grandma - and grandpa, mom and dad - pass on a heritage of faith) I was thinking about something my grandson Josiah said last year when he was almost four and decided to re-share it with you today . . . it will give you something to think about and brighten your day as well!

Last year a couple from my Sunday School class hosted an event for our class which included plane rides. I had to stay home with my younger grandson because we forgot to get his car seat, but my husband and Josiah were able to go for a little while. When it was their turn to go for a ride in the airplane, Josiah wanted his poppa to go up with him. While Tim, the pilot, was getting ready to start the plane, he was joking around that he wasn't a pilot, but he was sure he could figure out how to fly the plane. Josiah gave this some thought, then said, "Poppa, maybe it would be a good idea if you get out of the plane so the pilot can get in your spot!" (He didn't ask to get out himself - just thought a pilot would be a good idea!) Of course, his poppa told him Tim was really a pilot and was just joking around, so then Josiah was ready to fly!

He may have only been three years old, but he knew while having poppa in the plane with him was a nice thing, something he wanted, having the pilot was NECESSARY!!! :-)
We often can learn important things from nearly four year olds! Do we know the Pilot is NECESSARY in our lives, or do we just plow through our days without being sure He is in the pilot's seat? Do we make sure the things which are "nice" do not take the place of the NECESSARY; the place the Pilot needs? In our children's ministries, do we think we are the "pilot" and take the space the Pilot should have?

The Pilot is not just a "nice thing", He is the NECESSARY thing! Be sure you have the Pilot "flying" when it comes to your life, your ministry . . . and of course whenever you are in an actual plane! :-)

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