Thursday, December 26, 2013

VBS - Recruiting "Creativity"

If you have looked at VBS recruiting through a "view-finder" and with a "perspective" which sees possibilities instead of obstacles, then it is time to look at VBS recruiting with "creativity"! By this I mean, do the unexpected when you recruit as this will get the attention of the people in your church!

When you think about recruiting, you can certainly go about it in a lot of ways, but if those ways do not get the attention of the people in your church, you are not likely to end up with a very big response. The reason for this is as follows . . . 
  • Recruiting = Getting Attention so people Remember and Respond!
If people do not notice and remember you are recruiting, they can not respond. It is this simple; so, when you recruit you need to use creative ideas to get their attention so they will remember and respond! Consider some of the following ideas . . . 
  • Match your recruiting to the theme of the VBS you decide to use. For example; if you are using a jungle setting, hand out bananas with tags which say, "Please join our 'bunch' and be part of our VBS team this year!" Give a banana to each person who you would like to have on your VBS team!
  • Consider printing table tents which you personally hand to people and ask them to place on their table at home. Print specific things you want people to pray about - including volunteering and ask people to pray for the things you put on the table tent.
These are just a couple ways you can use "Creativity" to help you recruit for VBS 2014. What is the most creative way you have ever recruited for VBS?

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