Monday, December 23, 2013

VBS - Recruiting "View-Finder"!

Okay, at the start of this post I need to let you know two things . . . 
  • I LOVE recruiting!
While it may be easy for you to believe I love VBS, you may be shaking your head and thinking it just is not possible for me to "love" recruiting; but it is! You see, I look at recruiting through the following "view-finder" . . . 
  • God cares more than anyone; myself included - if we have the volunteers we need for VBS . . . or any area of ministry!
  • God has placed the people needed to serve in the church . . . some know they are these people - they are the volunteers we already have; and aren't we SO thankful for them! Others are there, but just do not know yet God placed them there to serve!
  • Finding these volunteers is like going on a treasure hunt as volunteers are treasures; gifts from the hand of God! What isn't there to love about going on a treaure hunt???!!!
So, when it comes to VBS, recruiting does not have to be something you dread . . . it can be something you look forward to! This week I'm going to focus on recruiting for VBS . . . each day I'll write about recruiting, ways to get the attention of those "hidden treasures" in your church and hopefully help you start your focus on VBS for 2014 with enthusiasm . . . including enthusiasm for recruiting! Trust me, it is possible!

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