Monday, December 16, 2013

What Would Your "Ideal" VBS Look Like?

My 2014 VBS reviews begin in three weeks. I'm very happy to say the resources I'm reviewing this year so far are showing themselves to be very well written with solid Bible lessons which will engage children so they understand their need for Jesus and how to grow in their walk with Him! These resources will be able to be used in your church in a variety of settings all year long!

But, if you could have a VBS exactly the way you want it, what would it include? What components do you want to see in a VBS resource? What do you look for when you choose a VBS resouce for use in your church?

If you could have a publisher design a VBS for you, what setting would you like to see them use? Which stations would you want them to include? What would your "ideal" VBS look like? Please take a moment to comment below!

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