Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 VBS Reviews - Begin in Three Days & Some New Things!

Yes, there are just three days until the start of my 2014 VBS reviews! Some things are going to be the same . . . 
  • You will find complete, unbiased and thorough reviews VBS resources for 2014
  • I will be releasing my 2014 Side-by-Side VBS Comparison Chart at the end of my reviews!
There will also be a couple new things . . . 
  • While I have had give-aways with my VBS reviews, this year there are more!
  • My Top Ten will not be announced until the middle of January!
This year I will begin my VBS reviews on January 6th with a review of the first VBS kit I received - Standard Publishings, Jungle Safari! This may . . . or may not, end up as my Top Pick for 2014, but I will not be announcing the Top Ten until January 20, 2014! I will be reviewing the VBS resources this year in the order I received them as several publishers have not been able to get their kits to me by today and I do want to include them in the Top Ten review. So . . . while you will be seeing reviews, you will have to wait to see my Top Ten "ranking"!

Which VBS resource are you most looking forward to hearing about and taking a look at for yourself? Please stay tuned as the fun begins in three days!

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